Release: 2010-12-23

Available for: Windows Phone 7

SMS-Tickets is an application that will help you buy sms tickets in sweden for buses by generating the sms so all you need to do is press send.

NOTE! The interface is in English, but the data is in Swedish! And you can in most cities only order a ticket if you got a Swedish carrier.

You can also save your own favorites to quickly send a sms when needed.

Currently it works for over 50 cities and from 9 bus companies and more are coming soon.

Currently available bus companies:
Länstrafiken Sörmland
Länstrafiken Västmanland
Länstrafiken Örebro
Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL)
Ultra (Umeå)
Uppsala Stadsbussar

Trial mode is coming soon.

Reservation for incorrect information, and additional sms taxes may occur.

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