Free App Hub Membership for students

Microsoft offers free App Hub memberships to students and I have seen several people ask about how this actually works. I use this myself, so I thought I would write a small guide.

- First, go to the Dreamspark WP7 webpage and press the “Sign In” button. Then sign in using your Live ID, or create a new one if you don’t got one yet.

- Then press the Verify Link in the left column of the website or click here. This brings up the verification page. Choose the country of your school, then check “Verify as a Student”, and finally check “Get verified through my school”. Then press “Continue”.

- On the next page select your school and press “Continue”. You will now be brought to your schools login page, where you login using your school credentials. When you done that you are verified as a Student.

- Next step is to navigate to the App Hub website, and sign in. When you have signed in, you will be brought to the registration page. Select “Student” as account type, and now follow the instructions on the website. When you are done you have a free app hub membership!

The student membership is ALMOST like a normal substruction, with the exception that you can only debug Xbox-360 games and not sell them. For Windows Phone 7 apps and games, you can both debug and sell them in the marketplace. So for WP7 development it is ideal!

Ok, so I got my app hub membership, but how do I developer unlock my phone?
This is another question I heard a few times. To unlock your phone, you will need to verify your App Hub account, for student accounts this process wont start until you submit an application to the WP7 marketplace, ironically enough. So make a dummy application in Visual Studio and submit it to WP7 Marketplace. After a few hours/days you will get an email from GeoTrust with details on how to verify your account. This process might take a few days.

When your account is verified, run the program “Windows Phone Developer Registration” that comes with the WP7 developer tools and follow the instructions there to unlock the phone.

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