Media Remote soon ready for submission!

So after many more hours of work, Media Remote for WP7 mango is almost done, and I am happy to announce the full update list:

- Uses sockets instead of webclient to communicate. Faster and more reliable connection!
- Pin songs/albums/artist to your start screen, just like in Zune with artist and cover art on front and info on back side of the tiles.
- Search region; you can now choose your country in the settings so that only tracks that are playable in your region appears in the search results.
- Share what you are currently listening to Facebook/Windows Live/Twitter using your WP7 accounts.
- Instant resume feature in WP7 mango is now supported.
- Animations; the application now has more and smoother animations when navigating between pages.
- New tile and splash screen image.
- New version of server software required, that works with both 7.0 and mango clients, but is faster and more responsive for mango clients.
- Various performance and bug fixes.

Overall it got some new sweet features as you can see above, like pinning artists, but the app now also feels a lot more responsive when controlling Spotify thanks to the use of sockets and the new version of the server software, that will be available soon.

Now for some screenshots of pinned tiles and new GUI:


Hope you enjoy the changes, the application will be submitted to marketplace within a few days!