Media Remote Server 1.3

I’m currently working on an update for Media Remote for Windows Phone. To begin with I am again redefining the transfer protocol between the client and server. And while rewriting the server code I also took the time to refresh the UI of the server software. As you can see in the screenshot below it has a more clean, metro styled interface, with the blue color that I use on the icons of my apps. It is not completely done, there is still some work to do the dropdown menu for IPs and the checkboxes.

The new design to the left and the old to the right

The goal of the remake is to make the server and client communication faster and more stable, but also prepare for possible expansion to control more than just Spotify from your phone.

Feel free to suggest improvements and thoughts on the new server software!

Uppdatering för Gasmackar

Jag har nu skickat in en uppdatering för Gasmackar till marketplace, primärt fixar den så att man kan navigera till alla mackar som har korrekta koordinater. Appen har även fått en ansiktslyftning med ett nytt utseende som enligt mig följer metro stilen bättre! Uppdateringen kommer troligen dyka upp inom den närmaste veckan.

Nedan är några skärmdumpar från senaste versionen:



Under tiden hittar du den nuvarande versionen här:


SMS-Biljetter 1.5 nu i Windows Phone Marketplace

Nu har version 1.5 av SMS-Biljetter till Windows Phone blivit godkänd. Bland nyheterna finns uppdaterade biljettdata för 2012 och även ett par nya städer och bussbolag, bland annat Skånetrafiken som varit väldigt efterfrågat! Nedan är hela ändringsloggen:

- Lagt till Skånetrafiken
- Lagt till Xtrafik (Gävle m.fl.)
- Lagt till Värmlandstrafik
- Uppdaterat priser och övrig information för: Uppsala stadsbussar, Uppsala regionbussar, Länstrafiken i Sörmland, Länstrafiken Örebro, Länstrafiken Västmanland, Länstrafiken Kronoberg

Appen är fortfarande gratis och kan laddas ner på Windows Phone Marketplace:


Nedan följer också lite skärmdumpar:


Gasmackar submitted to Windows Phone marketplace

I have now submitted a new application to marketplace for certification, Gasmackar, which helps you find natural gas stations in Sweden. It shows the price and address, and allows you to easily navigate there using Bing Maps. It also features a live tile displaying the current average price for natural gas in Sweden. All information is from, a huge thanks to them for supplying the data. Below are some screenshots:


The application will soon be available in Windows Phone Marketplace. I will update with a link when it is available!

SMS-Biljetter (SMS-Tickets) 1.3 now available in WP Marketplace

SMS-Tickets 1.3 is now available in Windows Phone Marketplace. I have rewritten the whole application to improve performance, and are now also using databases to store information instead of XML files. But the main features is that it is now fully compatible with Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango). After a user request I have also added support for prefixes for phone numbers.

With mango also comes 2 sided tile support and multiple tiles, so finally you can pin your favorite tickets to the start screen and create a ticket in just one click! The live tile will on the front show which city the ticket is for. The backside will show more information as what ticket type (Adult, child, etc.), how many zones, if a prefix is used, and/or if night price is chosen.

Change log:

- Pin tickets to the start screen
- View the bus companies website right inside the app
- Add and use prefixes for phone numbers
- Support for Windows Phone 7.5
- The app is now completely free!
- Updated information about most of the bus companies
- Added the bus company “Din Tur” (Sundsvall)




Download the application here

Sok Operator (Search Carrier) is now in marketplace

My next app has now been published in marketplace! It is called “Sök Operatör” (Serach Carrier). Simply put the app shows the carrier of a specific phone number (only Swedish phone numbers). Perfect when you want to know if you can afford calling your friends! Blinkar

The app is very simple, just enter a phone number or pick one from your contacts, and press search and after a few seconds the carrier name is presented.

Here are some screenshots:




Media Remote for WP7.5 mango now in marketplace!

Media Remote with support for Windows Phone 7.5 mango is now available for download/update in the Windows Phone Marketplace! If you have used Media remote before you will need a new version (1.2) of the server software available here.

Feature Highlights:

- Works with ALL types of Spotify accounts!

- Play/Pause and choose tracks in Spotify

- Control the volume

- Search for artists, albums, and tracks to play

- Pin tracks, artists, and albums to your start screen

- Share what you are listening to with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, and Windows Live

- View information about albums




Media Remote for WP7.5 submitted to marketplace!

This will be a short post, just for the purpose of informing you that Media Remote 1.2 for WP7.5 Mango has been submitted for certification, and should show up in marketplace for all you people running WP7.5!

I will write a bit longer post about this release when the app is available in marketplace! Meanwhile, check out our previous preview at

You can now also fetch the latest version of the server software, which is required for the new client, but still works with old clients! It can be downloaded here:

Media Remote soon ready for submission!

So after many more hours of work, Media Remote for WP7 mango is almost done, and I am happy to announce the full update list:

- Uses sockets instead of webclient to communicate. Faster and more reliable connection!
- Pin songs/albums/artist to your start screen, just like in Zune with artist and cover art on front and info on back side of the tiles.
- Search region; you can now choose your country in the settings so that only tracks that are playable in your region appears in the search results.
- Share what you are currently listening to Facebook/Windows Live/Twitter using your WP7 accounts.
- Instant resume feature in WP7 mango is now supported.
- Animations; the application now has more and smoother animations when navigating between pages.
- New tile and splash screen image.
- New version of server software required, that works with both 7.0 and mango clients, but is faster and more responsive for mango clients.
- Various performance and bug fixes.

Overall it got some new sweet features as you can see above, like pinning artists, but the app now also feels a lot more responsive when controlling Spotify thanks to the use of sockets and the new version of the server software, that will be available soon.

Now for some screenshots of pinned tiles and new GUI:


Hope you enjoy the changes, the application will be submitted to marketplace within a few days!