Media Remote 3

I’m happy to announce that Media Remote is finally getting an update for Windows Phone 8!

The main feature is that both the server and app has been rewritten from scratch to get more reliable Communication. The app now uses Spotify for all data instead of relying on LastFM. The application has also got a facelift with a new UI for several views. Here are some screenshots:

Media remote 3 Artist view Search view Album view Search view

Download now from the Windows Phone store or scan the QR-Code

Download Media Remote 3Media Remote 3




Media Remote for WP7.5 mango now in marketplace!

Media Remote with support for Windows Phone 7.5 mango is now available for download/update in the Windows Phone Marketplace! If you have used Media remote before you will need a new version (1.2) of the server software available here.

Feature Highlights:

- Works with ALL types of Spotify accounts!

- Play/Pause and choose tracks in Spotify

- Control the volume

- Search for artists, albums, and tracks to play

- Pin tracks, artists, and albums to your start screen

- Share what you are listening to with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, and Windows Live

- View information about albums




Media Remote for WP7.5 submitted to marketplace!

This will be a short post, just for the purpose of informing you that Media Remote 1.2 for WP7.5 Mango has been submitted for certification, and should show up in marketplace for all you people running WP7.5!

I will write a bit longer post about this release when the app is available in marketplace! Meanwhile, check out our previous preview at

You can now also fetch the latest version of the server software, which is required for the new client, but still works with old clients! It can be downloaded here: